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We have all witnessed the devastating impact of the recent bushfires across NSW. Tragedy has struck with hundreds of people losing their homes, even loss of life.

I read in the Sydney Morning Herald an article titled “NSW Fires: If You Live In The Bush Build For The Bush”

Like everyone we have been horrified at the catastophic events that have unfolded from Port Stephens to Bargo and up into the Blue Mountains. But bushfires in Australia are not new. This article looks at the questions we are not asking about fire prone areas – what can we do to build for the conditions better?

The article states:

Without exception, the media has focused on the trauma and the number of houses destroyed in its coverage of recent bushfires. No mention is made of the solution: to build sensibly, using available technology, houses able to withstand fire. To fail to do so is madness in a time of climate change. After more than two centuries, Europeans here still reject the obvious: that we live in one of the most extreme, fire-prone environments on the planet.

Over the years councils have become increasingly paranoid about bush fires and their impact on local communities, none more evidenced in our planning laws.

With this in mind Panel Homes range of houses are designed to not only comply but exceed fire resistance standards. Our external pre-cast concrete walls have a minimum fire rating of 2 hours. This exceeds the requirements of the Australian Standard for the highest flame zone category. It certainly out performs brick veneer.

As an added benefit, Panel Homes can be built in a short space of time, helping you get back on your feet sooner. Our builders are achieving lock up in 10 days and completion inside 8 weeks.

If you are thinking about building in the bush – or rebuilding – talk to the team at Panel Homes and see if we can help you make the right choice for your future home.

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Source: Sydney Morning Herald 22 Oct 2013